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@astrohague - NASA Astronaut Nick Hague
NASA Astronaut, Colonel, US Air Force Current resident of the @iss. Follow along on my journey!

‪Every 90 minutes the @iss orbits the Earth. We witness 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets per day. As of today, I’ve lived in space for 181 days. Can anyone guess how many sunrises and sunsets I’ve seen during my mission? #thursdaythoughts



Each time I open the door the views keep getting better. Congratulations to all involved in the successful execution of this #spacewalk . From our EVA and Robotics trainers to the teams down in Mission Control – The quality of our training is out of t

Last week the @iss got a special boost! The purpose of reboosts is to maintain station’s altitude and set up the proper positions for visiting vehicle launches/landings. How often we do them is dependent on our current altitude strategy and how much

It's been a busy week on @iss prepping for our upcoming #spacewalk ! @astrodrewmorgan & I will assist in the installation of International Docking Adapter-3, which will provide a 2nd docking port to station for the future arrivals of Commercial Crew s

"I see the Moon, and the Moon sees me.” Watching the Moonrise from the Earth, I am reminded of the song sung to babies for generations, and I think of the generations to come that will call the Moon home. #artemis

Flying around station moving cargo. Tons of new supplies and science with the arrival of @spacex -18. Thank you @usairforce Space Command, 45th Space Wing and all of Team Patrick-Cape for all you do to support the @iss mission!

Been working on the @jaxajp Space Moss experiment recently! It compares mosses grown on @iss with those grown on Earth to determine how microgravity affects its growth, development, & other characteristics. These plants only need a small area for gro

Said goodbye to Progress 72 today to make room for 73P showing up on Wednesday. Caught this shot of it during reentry. It looked like a big firework that lasted minutes – flickering, sparking, and pulsing with brightness before it faded into the dark