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@kevinhart4real - Kevin Hart
"Live Love & Laugh" Snapchat: Lilswag79 .... .... Twitter: Kevinhart4real .... #comedicrockstar #irresponsibletour #hartbeat

Make sure y’all tune into “Straight From The Hart” damn it....2hrs of amazing conversation on SiriusXM channel 96 Laugh Out Loud radio!!!!!!



Happy B Day to my Brother Dave u champ. Wishing u nothing but the best....your a fucking legend

Leg day can kiss my ass....Quality & Comfort is all I care about damn it!!!!! Now go get you some @tommyjohnwear .....I invest in what I believe in people....I’m a owner not a ambassador. My new line will he dropping soon....stay tuned!!!!!!

  • Man!!! What kind of weird Inappropriate Uncle photoshoot you got going on now?! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

  • @nickcannon Hilarious😂🤣🤣