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Life can get very busy before Thanksgiving break. Anxiety can surely kick in and make things even worse. Eating a healthy breakfast and medicating in the morning will have you ending the day feeling accomplished. Stay up, but also stay motivated.

As a senior in college, it can be difficult talking about starting a business in the cannabis industry. Since many of my peers are looking for 9-5 jobs, I have somewhat alienated myself from the crowd. But starting my business in this fast growing in

No matter what profession you want to pursue, there is always someone who is working harder than you. Fridays are so special because your competitors view today as a relaxation day which should give you an incentive to work even harder today. So, lig



When I spark one to the face, my motivation seems to gradually increase on days like today. My schedule is packed with exams this week and that little boost from my daily tokes make it bearable. Find your motivation.

After a long Halloween weekend, it’s time to get back into the swing of things and stick to what I know best: studying and smoking. College isn’t going to finish itself so I plan on having a busy day today. - @gravlabs

I’ve always preferred joints over blunts because the papers allow you to fully taste the cannabis without the tobacco flavoring. Some iced coffee on the side really helps complete my mornings as well. Some personal favorite papers include @blazysusan

I’m in my last year of business school and stress levels have never been higher. Sundays can definitely be hectic, but medicating through the years here at University has significantly contributed to my boost in motivation. Medicate and levitate. - @

There are a lot of reasons why I like to smoke other than the fact it has many benefits for the body physically. Personally, I like the way it reduces my stress levels so I can attentively focus on my studies as I complete my business degree in Marke

When you pack a bowl to the top, the bud has reached the rim of the bowl piece. My friends and I like to call this a “rimmer.” Rimmers are essential when I get stressed out from my very demanding college life. Happy hump day and pack yourself a coupl

Finding motivation can sometimes be a difficult task when Monday morning rolls around. But when I spark one, I remember exactly why I started my journey. Find your “why” this week and everything will pan out.

A bong rip to the face will always do your body good. Since its the end of the week, do yourself a favor and smoke some pot to celebrate another long, but productive few days. And if you haven’t done anything productive this week, then celebrate anot

What does your morning Wake & Bake smoke session usually look like? Mine usually consists of getting homework done, creating content, and enjoying coffee. Let us know.

A perfectly rolled joint allows for a clean burn which maximizes the joint’s airflow. Learning how to roll a joint is as important as making your morning coffee just the way you like it. So get up and get ready to start the week tomorrow.

When you go to a major University, Thirsty Thursday’s quickly become your favorite day of the week. But instead of drinking, I choose to smoke a couple backwoods to the face. Don’t follow the crowd and be on your own wave.



Sometimes, Tuesdays call for a little something extra. Packing a few bowls might help speed my week ahead to Friday. But what’s a morning toke without some coffee? Stay caffeinated my friends.

Today marks the first weekend of October. This means pumpkin spice latte’s, spooky movies, and of course some good ganja. What is your favorite Halloween movie to watch during this time of year?