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️🥃 Wow I was just nominated for FIVE People’s Choice Awards. I think 🤔 it’s a new personal record. Always shake my head and smile at stuff like this, as my focus is always about putting in the work to deliver for the people. Never expect it, but i

  • 7 dollars!

  • YES!! Congratulations!!!! Always putting in the work 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 PS. I am not surprised you work SO HARD- WELL DESERVED✨✨🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

This is much more than @underarmour ’s #1 selling collection. Much more than slapping some shit on a t-shirt and selling it. This is my life. And the #ironwill it takes to show up daily when it’s You vs You. Many of you know this gospel and proudl

I never post about my friend. Personal thing, but I prefer to keep our memories and bond private and quiet. But something about today compelled me as a moving reminder of how fragile life is for all of us. It’s Paul’s birthday and rightfully so, h

  • RIP❤️

  • Happy Heavenly Birthday Braddah Paul🤟🏽 Rest In Love bro🙏🏽



Imagine if all your fitness, wellness & motivation goals had a beautiful baby with the most inspiring and insanely entertaining event. Welcome to #athleticon ! @danygarciaco and I invite you to join us for our epic three day event held in my home st

  • This is incredible - count on me being there for sure 🙏

  • @lv4boyz1girl Of course 😜💪🏼

Tomorrow @danygarciaco and I are droppin’ a cool announcement. If you’re down to disrupt your perceived limits and become a better version of yourself then you’re going to want to hop on this train. Announcement mañana. #athletics #wellness #enter

  • Heart. Soul. Passion. Dedication. Education. Inspiration. I could go on… but need to set my rock clock for this announcement 🙌🏻⏰❤️

  • 🔥 🔥🔥

In real life, I can put on a MasterClass about the countless times I’ve had use my fear of something as a valuable weapon to overcome and succeed at it. Or I failed. Fear is a good thing for all of us. It’s healthy. Keeps us sharp - depending on h

Our cups (and tequila glasses 🥃) runneth over with gratitude. @laurenhashianofficial and I are deeply grateful to everyone who worked tirelessly to make this wedding the most beautiful and spiritually enriching day ever. No press, no paparazzi, no

Our final wedding pomaika’i (blessing) with our daughters and surrounded by our family as our family pastor we’ve known for years, Kahu Kordell Kekoa draws upon my ancestor’s warrior spirits to love, guide and protect my family thru this union and in

  • Congratulations! Such a beautiful family. ❤️

My ️s and the real stars of our wedding. 25% Samoan 25% Italian 25% Black 25% Armenian 100% grab your face and give you unconditional love & smooches and there’s two things you can do about it - nothing and like it. #dna #sisters #johnsonfacegra