How to Prepare for an Exam: 11 Study Tips That Work

All students go to school knowing nothing. It is through studying, doing assignments, and doing homework that students get to learn. Doing an exam is one major way of proving the hard work you’ve been putting in as a student. Besides, through exams, teachers can weigh the different levels of understanding among the student and prepare adequately for the next semester or term.

When the exam is around the corner, it is common for some students to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Some may feel like they haven’t prepared well, while some may feel like they’ve prepared but wish the exam could come another time. This guide highlights the best exam tips, including the best approaches to take when revising for exams.

Exam tips and tricks

This section highlights proven tips that will help you learn how to prepare for an exam before the exact day and during the main exam day.

What to do before exam: pro tips

As you prepare for exams, you need to know the things to do before an exam as you prepare yourself psychologically to face the exams without any fear. Therefore, before any test, do the following:

  • Check to ensure you have all the requirements in place

One of the best ways how to prepare for a test mentally is by checking and reviewing all the necessary materials required for learning purposes. It can be stressful to enter the exam room only to realize you don’t have, let’s say, a geometry if you are doing a math exam, a calculator, or any other stationery required to complete the exam. Above all, ensure all the requirements are in perfect condition. (Sharpened pencils, smooth erasers, etc.).

  • Sleep well

While you may opt to study and revise throughout, it is not always a perfect idea because you will end up exhausting your brain and your body too. Therefore, scheduling time to rest well is a way of refreshing the brain to think of new ideas and concepts during the exam. Besides, when you rest well, you will be in a better position to concentrate and focus on the exam questions and how you need to answer the questions.

  • Eat healthy meals

Of course, the exam is a top priority at the moment. However, you should devise a plan, creating time to eat and drink healthy to give the brain the power and the body the energy it requires during exam time.

  • Know the exam place in advance

Before the exam arrives, make sure you orient yourself well. Know the exact class you will be doing the exam from to avoid last minute rush that can have you stressed when trying to locate the exact place. Arriving at the exam venue late can have you feeling anxious and panicky, which can make you forget all that you’ve studied and revised.

Best tips for exam day

When the final day for the exam has come, the following tips for exams will help make your exam day easy and successful without any pressure.

  • Wake up early

Be sure to get up early, freshen up, and do some basic revisions (scanning through your notes to remind yourself of what you’ve covered). If possible, review some past papers to get an idea of the questions to expect.

  • Avoid discussion groups

During exam day, it is time to stay calm and relaxed as you prepare your brain psychologically for the coming exam. During this time, try and avoid study groups because the discussion can become heated, and you will end up feeling like you aren’t ready for the exam and end up panicking.

  • Be punctual

You don’t want to arrive at the exam venue only to realize that other students have already begun. You will definitely panic and feel anxious, which can affect your overall performance, yet you’ve studied and revised appropriately. Therefore, avoid this by ensuring you are at the exam venue early enough.


Exams are inevitable as long as you are studying. While the student’s reactions differ when the exams are around the corner, you shouldn’t feel extreme pressure, nor should you feel like you are being punished for doing an exam. Simply put the above tips into use, and you will have an easy time with any exam.

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