What to Expect in High School: Important Things You Should Know

Making it through and finally transitioning to high school is one major achievement to appreciate yourself. It is a whole new experience with new things. From new friends to a new environment, there is a lot to pick up and a lot to take precautions for. The things you get involved in can make you better, enabling you to achieve your career objectives, or destroy you, making you forget about the goals you had.

That is why, in this guide, we explore things to know about high school, especially when you are a high school freshman. The goal is to help you make the right decisions that will see you achieve your career goals and help you survive as a high school junior without experiencing a lot of pressure.

What to expect in high school

What should I be doing in high school? This is one question many high school freshmen often ask themselves. Well, joining the high school from middle school will often come with mixed emotions. You can be happy that you are making good steps in your career, and you can be anxious, too, as a junior in high school. The reality remains that you will experience both good and bad times. Regardless of everything, you can be sure to expect the following in high school:

  • The pains of doing homework and other assignments
  • Meeting and making new friends
  • Interreacting with new teachers
  • New learning styles
  • Great opportunities to discover your hobbies and interests

Note: high school life is a stepping stone towards your college life. Therefore, be careful of the things you do in high school to make a clear path toward a good college life ahead of you.

High school freshman advice and tips

Now that high school life is a whole new experience, the following advice and tips will help you understand things to know before high school and help you navigate through high school easily as you relate to the new people and new environment:

  1. Set goals and objectives

As you advance your career to the next level, having set goals and objectives you want to achieve will always motivate you to work hard and achieve them. Besides, having such goals will help you keep the focus and use your time appropriately as a high schooler.

  1. Pack all the things needed for high school early enough

U don’t want to wait until the last minute to start arranging all the things you need for high school. This will make you panic and get confused. You might even forget some of the basic things. Therefore, start preparing and packing early enough to ease the last-minute rush.

  1. Create good relationships with teachers and fellow students

The people surrounding you most of the time are your teachers and fellow students. You will not want to collide with them because you will need them sooner than you expect, especially when dealing with homework. Above all, when undergoing stress or under some pressure, you will need someone to talk to, and the teachers will play a big role here.

  1. Note the friends you choose

We’ve mentioned severally that you will meet new friends in high school. The choices you make have consequences. The kind of friends you opt to associate with then can either help you achieve your set goals or forget about the objectives you want to achieve. Therefore, take note and choose friends who will impact your career life positively.

  1. Manage your time well

High school life comes with some freedom. However, you need to ensure that you manage your time appropriately to meet all the tasks you have, especially homework and assignments, on time. Also, remember to set aside time to sleep and relax your mind. It’s crucial.


It is possible that you’ve heard many stories about high school life. However, this guide has simplified everything you should know before and after joining high school.

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