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as soon as you’re born you start dying, so you might as well have a good time ••• Supported by @salomon @suunto Sports nutritionist || PDX, OR

OMG YOU GUYS @kaytlyn_g and I wore makeup and blow dried our hair last week for our @livewireradio show at Neptune Theater! It’s ok if you don’t recognize us... no one there did either! But in all seriousness, we had such a blast last Friday recordin

Thursday thoughts: Dogs. You know how every time you feed them, they act like it’s the first time they’ve ever seen food? Or every time you walk in the door, they greet you like both it’s the happiest day of their life and the first time they’ve ever



How to make the most out of a rainy, PNW weekend (aka probably every weekend from now until next June): Step 1: climb high enough so you’re above the clouds ️ Step 2: go skinny dipping when it starts raining, because you’ll have that alpine lake all

No, this isn’t a photo from today or recent adventures. In fact, the last month or so hasn’t really looked anything like this, to be honest! Earlier this summer, I noticed myself not feeling as good as I normally feel. I was exhausted, my body felt a

  • Taking care of yourself is the hardest thing to do. 💜

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#5to9adventures don’t happen everyday, but when they do, they’re magical! Thankful for a night of trail therapy, important conversations and a gorgeous sunset with my girl @kaytlyn_g and our doggos last night. Much needed mountain medicine after a ve

Tonight, at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, @kaytlyn_g and I are talking about the Infinity Loop with Luke Burbank (host of Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me) as guests on the live public radio variety show @livewireradio !! We’re going to be joined by some

My worst nightmare came true last Wednesday. I was running when I got a text from my Dad that said, “call me immediately.” I found out my Nana had fallen the night before & they found her the next day in her house. They took her to the ER but there w

Fastpacking is one of my favorite summer activities to do with Matt, #ottotheadventurepup & our friends. It’s like backpacking, but with lighter, more minimalistic gear that can allow you to move more efficiently & cover much more ground on overnight