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#earthcapture by @goeddelphotography We feel ya buddy! 🦊 This stunning red fox, photographed in Yellowstone National Park, is the largest of the true foxes. Though bigger than their cousins, they're very agile and can jump up to 2 metres high! . .

#earthcapture by @mufasashah "When in the valley of giants don't forget to look up in awe. These trees have been here longer than most of us have been alive." This amazing shot was captured in Yosemite National Park. Listed as a world heritage site i

What a long neck you have! 🦒 There are several theories as to why giraffes have the longest necks in the animal kingdom. Some say natural selection is the cause. Giraffes fight with their necks and those with longer necks could be more successful 'n

The magic of the Milky Way There are 200 billion stars in our universe's galaxy, and enough dust and gas to make billions more. Not only is it impossibly vast, it's also incredibly old. More than half the stars found in the Milky Way are older than



#earthcapture by @alessandro.tramonti We think it’s time for a little vulture appreciation These amazing king vultures from South America are strong, beautiful and have a very important role in the circle of life. The cleaner of the animal world,

#earthcapture by @yswildlifephotography The beautiful backsides of the Grévy's Zebra! Found in northern Kenya and in some isolated populations in Ethiopia, the Grévy’s zebra is considered endangered. Their stripes are more tightly clustered and nar

Oh hey there, baby! ⁣ ⁣ Baby elephants weigh an average of around 100kg, heavier than most adult men, and some newborns have been as large as 120kg! They'll often stay with their mothers for up to 10 years, even learning to eat by putting their trunk

#earthcapture by @mogenstrolle When it's work photo day... This gelada strikes a fierce pose. Found in the highlands of Ethiopia, these amazing old-world monkeys spend their time grazing on mountain grass and enjoying complex social lives. . . . . #

#earthcapture by @larachristensen It's amazing how some of the largest mammals on Earth can also be the most graceful 🤗 An individual humpback whale can travel up to 25,000km every year. While weighing up to 40 metric tons, they can still reach swi

This is me every Monday Lions can sleep up to 20 hours a day, particularly when the temperatures soar. They are far more active at dusk, when many of their hunts take place. Wild Lands: South Africa is live on our YouTube channel to find out more