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Human Behavioral Specialist, Author, Educator, Business Consultant, Leadership Expert and Founder of the Demartini Institute.

Melbourne and Sydney get ready to dramatically increase your wealth building potential with Dr Demartini LIVE in your city. Melbourne - 22nd October, 7pm Sydney - 28th October, 7pm Tickets available on our website - link in the bio!

No matter where I go in the world - I am always grateful to those who travel from far, or near, to join me. Dublin - you are an amazing audience, as always... 🇮🇪



London and Dublin, we cannot wait to share Dr. Demartini's latest evening talk 'You're Not Here To Fit In, You're Here to Stand Out!' with you. Join Dr. Demartiini LIVE in your city. Find out more about what to expect in this video (and Dr. D share

Every day will bring new challenges. Accept them. Thank them. And ask yourself - how does this challenge/obstacle help me get to my goal (in other words, how are you growing or what are you learning that will equip you with new skills/insights)?

If you make your vocation your vacation, you will never work a day in your life! An amazing start to our Demartini Method Training Program this morning in London, almost 100 attendees getting hands on with The Demartini Method for the next 5 days

Find and recognize your inspired leader within you - and watch how you step in to and own the role. 🦸‍️ You may be a leader in business, or maybe you take charge at school meetings, or even organize and manage your jogging group, or run your home eve

Melbourne and Sydney are you ready to grow your wealth in 2020? 🇳🇿 Dr Demartini is back later this month to present his evening talk '8 Proven Actions To Grow Your Wealth' and it's going to be an inspiring evening! Melbourne 22 Oct at 7pm Sydney 2

London 🇬🇧 and Ireland 🇮🇪 I cant wait to see you again. I will be presenting my signature program, The Breakthrough Experience and The Demartini Method Training Program as well as an evening talk in London, and another evening talk in Dublin. All deta

  • @christinasways We looking forward to seeing you soon! The Demartini Team

  • On the train heading to London...see you tomorrow 🙌

Every. Single. Day - read your purpose and refine it. Writing down what your life purpose is, is the best way for your mind to remember it, and editing and refining it is key to evolving and growing your purpose.

Embrace the magnitude of your purpose - it is what allows you to triumph over your momentary passions.



Another great week spent with our Demartini Method Training Program attendees in Houston, Texas! 🇺🇸 I am heading to Brisbane and Sydney next week so if you are around come through and join me for an evening talk in Brisbane and the Demartini Method T